“As a result of the project we’ve become a more flexible workplace and a generally much better place to work” – Krystina Pincott, Technology Adoption & Change Manager.

PRS for Music represents over 110,000 creators of music within the UK, ensuring they get payed whenever their music is played, performed or produced. With plans to relocate to a new office in London, they saw an opportunity to refresh and update their IT infrastructure. They chose SCC as a partner to create an efficient solution to implement this with minimal business impact.

Krystina Pincott, Technology Adoption & Change Manager at PRS said: “Success for PRS is ensuring that our members are paid quickly, fairly and accurately. The thing that was really key for us was the seamless transition to the new technology.” SCC provided a full desktop refresh, providing employees with new Lenovo laptops equipped with the latest software and operating systems.

Additionally, they upgraded PRS’ internal storage, installed audio-visual meeting rooms and rolled out Skype for Business to all devices. Krystina added: “One of the main benefits of partnering with SCC is the guidance they’ve provided us with and their experience from undertaking similar projects with other companies.”

PRS’ Head of Technology and IT Support, Rob Bruce, said: “The key improvement as a result of this project has been the ability for our staff to collaborate and work flexibly, whether they’re at a customer site, or even working from home.“

Every meeting is a Skype meeting now and that’s broken down a lot of barriers within teams and across the organisation.

“This flexibility has let us develop a feeling that it really is just one organisation, despite being spread across locations. Teams have become much more cross-functional. “We’ve increased the whole organisation’s ability to use, leverage and get the maximum value from our tools and technology.” Krystina finished by saying: “We actually won 2 awards off the back of this project at the Real IT Awards, for Infrastructure as an Enabler and for Project Team of the Year. We’re very, very proud of this and of SCC for being a part of that.”

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