“Enabling flexible provisioning and top-rated security for relatively little upfront costs, the project has enabled one the of the UK’s leading Commissioning Support Units to deliver data management integration services in record time.”

SCC delivers an on-demand PAYG data solution to Yorkshire’s 500+ GP surgeries.

Launched in 2013 following the introduction of wide-ranging health service reforms, North Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Support Unit works on the front line of mission critical NHS procurement. Providing services to the 15 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) across North Yorkshire and Humber, the CSU represents over 500 GP practices and serves a population of 3.9 million.

Also providing a range of specialist commissioning support services to NHS England, it is one of the UK’s nine key Data Management Integration Centres (DMICs) responsible for managing, collating and warehousing highly confidential, patient identifiable data on behalf of the NHS. The CSU needed a flexible Tier 3 data warehousing solution that, in addition to being both secure and cost effective, would fit within the dynamics of its unique operational environment.

“Creating a new data solution that would serve the needs of GPs and surgeries spread across the region offered multiple challenges. Clearly security was a primary issue when handling data, but we also needed a solution that would work within the unique confines of the reorganised healthcare market,” said John Wilshaw, North Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Support Unit.

“Perhaps most of all, we needed a solution we could rely upon. The ultimate goal is to develop a data-as-a-service model, ensuring NHS decision-makers, the doctors, the commissioners and the consultants, have instant access to the right data at the right time. There was little margin for error with this project.”

Designed and delivered in record time, North Yorkshire and Humber CSU’s data storage and management solution drew upon SCC’s industry-leading healthcare expertise to meet every one of the organisation’s unique challenges. We were also able to locate the CSU’s servers within the IL3 rated environment at our UK data centre, effectively answering security concerns with a recognised best of breed solution – Sentinel by SCC.

“SCC has a unique level of experience working within the public healthcare sector, and that proved a significant asset throughout the course of this project. In addition to a very well-honed understanding of our distinct organisational needs, the team there were able to respond to our brief in detail, providing proven solutions to each and every issue that we faced,” added Wilshaw. North Yorkshire and Humber CSU awarded to SCC via the G-Cloud Framework following evaluation against the Most Economical Advantageous Tender (MEAT) principle.

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