We’ve put our trust in SCC. Once you’ve done that, the relationship can only grow. – Greg Hayes, Managing Director, IIZUKA

IIZUKA, a case management company based in the West Midlands, is acclaimed to be the thought leader within the open source community. Its core values are based on transparency and honesty, enabling it to provide a clear and straightforward service; IIZUKA don’t confuse people with jargon. And when IIZUKA needed an IT partner to host and manage the infrastructure of its Case Manager solution, it put its trust in SCC.

Case Manager is used by more than 10,000 case workers to generate two million cases per year. It enables caseworkers to manage workload efficiently and automates tasks that typically take time and effort, such as letters, appointments and reporting. Case Manager is used by a wide range of organisations, including central and local government, housing associations, home improvement agencies, charities, police forces and universities.

Sentinel by SCC provides IIZUKA with a secure platform to host its Case Manager solution. Sentinel not only provides faster IT implementation but also keeps data secure to OFFICIAL (CESG IL2 & IL3) security standards. It is an established and cost-effective Cloud solution and was the first to be Pan-Government Accredited. Sentinel by SCC is offered to IIZUKA through G-Cloud, a Government-led initiative that reflects a step-change in how the government and the wider public sector procure and deliver their IT.

When the Pension Ombudsman Company, a company that deals with pension information and pension complaints, needed a case management system to deliver their services, SCC was able to review their needs and recommend IIZUKA. IIZUKA’s Case Manager was tailored to meet the specific business requirements of the Pensions Ombudsman.

The platform gives public sector organisations the confidence and flexibility to deliver new solutions quickly and efficiently, without undertaking a lengthy procurement process, or investing in new infrastructure, and is the first to be hosted on the innovative G-Cloud platform provided by Sentinel.

Tony King, of Pensions Ombudsman, said: “We are delighted to be working with IIZUKA, in whom we have placed great trust in a project of central importance to our business. We look forward with confidence to a successful partnership.”

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