“SCC was the obvious choice. They are reliable, efficient and competitive.” – Alex Hartopp, IT Programme Manager of Camden Council

“SCC has provided us with a variety of solutions that are key to the success of the council.”

Faced with the daunting prospect of implementing and designing functional audio-visual work areas as well as interactive public areas where people can have controlled access to information and user friendly library functions, Camden Council approached SCC for the solutions. SCC worked closely with Camden Council to design and install full AV capabilities within meeting rooms, to allow video conferencing and the use of large presentation screens.

This site now enjoys full AV meeting room facilities, enabling staff to hold meetings with other departments or colleagues, effectively removing the barrier of distance. Sharing information and hosting presentations is made easier by the interactive screens that make effective use of the space. The public areas were fitted with easy-to-use interactive learning tables for children and automated library kiosks for ease of use whilst restricting public access to systems. This has improved productivity and efficiency by easing some of the workload from customer-facing staff.

The installation of comms rooms and data links also helped make the site a more efficient, collaborative environment benefiting both the public and council staff by improving communications. Almost every aspect of the daily running of Camden Council is heavily dependent upon IT, from telephony, to their entire network and data infrastructure. That is why they demand the best. That is why they choose SCC.

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