“SCC has been a great partnership for us. We’ve appreciated the amount of time and
effort they’ve put into our projects”
– Derek Hine, Group IT Development Manager

Briggs and Forrester is a UK based building services organisation that provides design, installation and maintenance for the construction industry.

During periods of consistent growth, Briggs and Forrester have called upon SCC to create an IT environment that is scalable and flexible to their needs.

They wanted to embrace new technology in order to improve reliability of their systems and optimise the process of monitoring and managing them.

Derek Hine, Group IT Development Manager said: “What SCC has done for us is provide an environment that is completely scalable and resilient with disaster recovery in mind. It’s given us peace of mind in respect of our disaster recovery and going forward, it’s a cost-effective way of expanding our business needs.”

Derek added: “Overall, the equipment that’s been installed has been of the highest quality – and is resilient in its nature and is totally scalable for ongoing development.”

Domenico Costantino, Group IT Technical Manager for Briggs and Forrester said: “The main benefit to working with SCC is the huge resource that they have in all aspects of IT. No matter what problems we had, whenever we speak to SCC, we were always able to get a subject expert in front of us.

“We’ve undergone a range of projects with SCC now, which have all gone really well, mainly due to SCC’s diligent planning and scheduling. They’ve been carried out very professionally throughout the project lifecycle from start to finish. Any problems we did face were dealt with efficiently.

“SCC are very reliable and professional – I would highly recommend them.”

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