“SCC provides the secure, reliable, trusted platform our customers need. They have provided a rock solid platform – Sentinel by SCC – for us to provide our service” – Sam Peters, Head of Operations, Alliantist

Alliantist is an award-winning SME that provides secure Cloud-based collaboration platform software for government and public sector police forces and their partners. Its goal is to break down the siloes of work that exist within public services and provide a secure, trusted environment for people to collaborate in.

The problems Alliantist faces in doing this lie in ensuring that the sensitive information being shared is both secure and accessible at all times, whenever it may be needed. To achieve this, Alliantist use Sentinel by SCC – SCC’s secure, government-approved Cloud platform built specifically for the public sector. SCC’s consultancy services also helped Alliantist achieve pan-government accreditation for its pam software, the first and only one of its kind to do so. Head of Operations at Alliantist, Sam Peters explained: “We chose to partner and trust SCC because SCC was able to deliver on all of the problems we needed solutions for. Essentially they were the people we needed to be working with.”

The services provided by SCC played a number of roles in helping Alliantist succeed in their goals by:

  • Providing a secure hosting environment for the pan software to operate within;
  • Helping towards gaining a pan government accreditation through expert consultancy;
  • Supplying a reliable platform to connect different government networks.

SCC is working with Alliantist on an ongoing basis, to continue providing the safe, secure, reliable and trusted service their customers have come to rely on. Peters added: “In the time that we’ve worked with SCC we haven’t had a single issue affecting the availability of our service. “SCC delivers secure solutions and I see SCC’s secure infrastructure being a core backbone for customers.”

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